“Time to get a clock”

I recently overheard that on average, Australians check their Facebook 14 times a day… I know right – not many times at all considering I’ve probably checked mine 14 times in the last hour. Maybe I’m just obsessed with my phone…

We have a huge problem of spending time on screens, but we also give ourselves the excuse that we need it on us 24 hours a day to be punctual and organised.

I also overheard a few days ago that Australian children are growing up without being able to read analogue clocks. It is definitely time to get a clock and teach your children how ‘difficult’ it was to interpret what those 2 (or in some cases, 3) hands were doing back in your day.

My advice – keep the phone (how could you not), but get a watch and a clock.

Clocks have a history dating back to the 14th century when they used to tell people what time of day it was! No way, right? Now they provide a fashion statement opportunity to glorify wrists and a perfect way to break up continuous walls in homes. Some still use it to time their cooking.

Predominantly seen in kitchens, clocks can be the ‘wow factor’ in plainly decorated homes or those with a strict colour scheme. Clocks with a bright base colour certainly have a way of jazzing up a whole room.

Whether you choose a wooden base with bold modern numbers and a white chipped metal frame or a more industrial whitewashed wooden base with corrugated iron roman numerals, a clock will provide a fantastic wall covering which actually serves a purpose.

Easterly’s collection of clocks explores sizes, shapes (round and square), materials, and pops of colour, so drop down for a look and a bit of free education for the kids.

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