Outdoor dinning

Outdoor dining

With the recent warm weather, people are starting to plan ahead for those Summer months.

Everyone should have an outdoor space they can use and feel proud of when entertaining guests – a place you can sit around for hours, having a drink, a BBQ and listen to music in the fresh Summer air.

Outdoor dining and bar tables become the ‘heart of the home’ in Summer, so start thinking about what impression or set up you would like to create for the warm holiday season.

Whether you are needing a statement outdoor dining set to add the finishing touches to a new home, or need to replace the old, rusting chairs and table, Easterly have got you covered.

Natural wooden timber pieces are timeless and become more unique as they age. Unstained teak and Tasmanian Oak are very popular materials with many lengths and heights available to tailor to your specific space.

White cast aluminium dining pieces are a newer style, giving the impression of classy coastal/provincial living without the worry of wear and tear, as the material withstands many weather conditions. Another benefit of this style is the ability to put on practically any wooden deck without the risk of clashing materials. The Cast Aluminium 5 Piece Dining Set has exposed bolts and cross legs, providing a slight modern industrial twist.

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