Armadillo Rugs - Size and placement guide


So you are thinking of buying a beautiful Armadillo Rug from Easterly, but now you’re feeling a little unsure about the placement and position of a stunning Armadillo Rug in your house?

There are definitely rules to rug placement and positioning but, ultimately it is about creating a room which you’re happy to live in and enjoy! You still need your living room or bedroom to be functional, so make sure in your planning that you’ve left enough room that you can still open all the doors in the room with ease as well as allowing for fire places, heaters and any other cut outs in the room!


The possibilities are endless with an Armadillo & Co Rug, these fair trade and high end-rugs will certainly add a designer touch to your home, but you want to be sure you are buying the right area size rug to ensure all your measurements have lined up and to improve the atmosphere in your living, dining or bedroom. Here at Easterly we have complied a rug size guide of the entire Armadillo range to help you decide in the right rug size for your home!

Below you’ll find a list of the entire range of rug measurements that Armadillo Offers, but remember some collections can be custom created in almost any size you need, this way you can be sure of you are achieving the best possible rug placement!




Block space


The last thing you will want is for your rug to impede on the size of your room, in which case – it’s better to buy up big! Try picking the largest rug that will fit – but won’t cover the floor completely – you still want to highlight those beautiful walls and flooring. Too small of a rug may trick the eye and create an atmosphere which is uninviting, or alternatively could distort the size of the room. Study up on the sizes above! But almost any Armadillo Rug Collection can be custom made to create the size you need!

All this talk of sizing can be quite confusing, take a look at these guides as a visual to help you when you are picking your Armadillo & Co rug.

Living Room

Armadillo rugs - placement - size

Does your living room look like this? Placing couches and sofas in this way pulls together a living room as a cohesive and aesthetic room.

NOTE for modular furniture, it’s best to place the sofa entirely on the rug with some overhang from behind.

For round rugs, try and purchase a rug big enough that allows all the major furniture in a room to touch. There is certainly a harmony that occurs when round furniture coincides with a round rug, but don’t let that stop you buying a rectangular piece of furniture to highlight your room!

Dining Room

To create a real statement, you really want your rug to be larger than your dining setting, this way when people are seated or pulling chairs in and out, the rug still sits nicely and doesn’t catch on any chair legs.


You can make a rug stand out and create luxury in a bedroom or use it as a simple comfort mechanism when you get out of bed each morning. Regardless there’s a shape, size and texture to match your needs

Still unsure?

Are you still a bit confused on how to achieve the look you’re after? Come down to 8 Winki Way Torquay and we can give you a hand and help you style your room just the way you need! Give us a call on 03 5264 6100