How are Armadillo Rugs made

Discover the process behind Armadillo rugs

Armadillo rugs are the result of weaving skills handed down from one generation to the next over many, many years. The income these skills bring is relied upon to sustain weavers families and communities, raising the living standard in these areas. Each rug has input from many dyers, weavers, and finishers, each with a unique skill and task. More than 10 people have a hand in producing the rug from raw materials to a beautiful floor rug, making these handmade natural pieces as individual as their final owners.

1. Dyeing

Armadillo rugs are hand dyed and sun dried to impart texture and colour to the yarn. The formulas are set through years of artesian experience. Modern factory tools are not used for these rugs, they are made with saucepans, cauldrons, hand turned poles and the heat from fires.

2. Spinning

The wool for Armadillo rugs is gently guided onto spindles, ready to be weaved into the product. The Hemp has a different process as it is much coarser, it is wound by hand around a bobbin, ready for the loom.

3. Weaving

The weaving is an age old traditional practice, using modern colours and styles to make Armadillo rugs as individual as they are. Some rugs are made by husband and wife on the same loom. There are termed “lovers rugs”. The handmade system imparts individual character to each rug.

4. Washing

Wooden paddles are used to wash the rug with soapy water, just enough to tighten the weave slightly to strengthen durability. They are rinsed with the same paddles, then dried in the sun over a frame. This process sets the rug shape and enhances colour.


The rugs are hand finished by artisans with stiches and scissors to tame any loose threads that may occur. Every edge is carefully checked to deliver a beautiful handmade rug to the customers.

6. The final touch

Each Armadillo rug is prepared for its final delivery to your home. After being labelled by hand stitching, they are carefully rolled and packed for safe travel. The rugs complete their journey by arriving at their owners’ residence to be enjoyed.

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