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Armadillo Floor Rugs

Armadillo Floor Rugs

Armadillo Floor Rugs

Armadillo&Co have arguably the best woven rugs in Australia. Their hand made superior quality, unique patterns and intricate finishes make them some of the most extravagant floor rugs or signature pieces that you can find.
These floor rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and materials making them suitable for any use or space. Wool, hemp and recycled PET (which come from recycled plastic bottles) all serve different purposes, from covering lounge room floorboards and giving off warmth, placing underneath the dining room table and even colourful round children’s hemp rugs to feature on the floor in their bedroom.
You can even find long hallway runners which give the entrance a beautiful look and feel.
All of the Armadillo&Co floor rugs are very durable, some dealing with wear and tear better than others, but some are also actually suitable for outdoors. They are however and as all rugs are, best placed indoors and out of direct sunlight.
To top off the reasons to buy one of our floor rugs, their manufacturer Armadillo&Co are certified FairTrade, meaning their workers are paid fairly and work in fair conditions. Armadillo&Co have a strong ethos to give back to the communities where the rugs are manufactured, including building schools and giving jobs to those who otherwise would have no income. Having an Armadillo&Co piece in your home isn’t just telling of great quality, it tells a story.
With Free Shipping Australia wide, check out Easterly's extensive range of Armadillo&Co’s rugs, or better yet, come into our store and touch the samples to get your daily dose of heaven.
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