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Buying the perfect Sofa: Our guide to the perfect Australian made Custom Sofa

Buying the perfect Sofa: Our guide to the perfect Australian made Custom Sofa

Geelong Furniture Store: The Perfect Custom Sofa

Custom sofas don’t have to be as confusing as they sound. With so many considerations when it comes to creating your ideal custom sofa, most people forget the most vital consideration. QUALITY. With the burden of fast furniture pressuring bigger retailers, the small details and art to custom furniture can be lost.

With the quality of your custom-made sofa at our foreminds, Easterly has created the ultimate checklist to be sure that the custom sofa you order is nothing short of perfect.

  1. The Manufactures

Where is your custom sofa coming from? Who is making your custom sofa? How many years does this manufacturer have in the art of creating custom sofas and furniture?  When you shop custom sofas with Easterly, you can be sure that our manufacturers (Kuatro) have over 35 years experience in the design and manufacturing of custom-made sofas. What’s even better is that Easterly’s entire range of custom sofas are locally made in Melbourne.

Geelong Furniture Store: The Perfect Custom Sofa
  1. Degree of flexibility

A custom sofa is not just having the option to choose your fabric colour. A true custom sofa gives you leg colour and style options, sofa height adjustments, a variety of cushion fills and types, sofa configuration choices on top of an extensive range of textiles and leathers. Easterly’s range of custom sofas gives you the true flexibility to create the custom sofa of your dream. With access to hundreds of textiles and genuine leather from premium leather suppliers. Easterly even lets you choose the height and depth to your custom sofa, chaise side and the tiny custom sofa details like sofa leg type and colour.

Geelong Furniture Store: The Perfect Custom Sofa
  1. Aftercare

Do not be fooled into thinking that it’s smooth sailing from the day your new custom sofa arrives in your living room or lounge room. Following on for the need for awesome quality is the need for your custom sofa purchase to be backed by an incredible warranty. Easterly offers a 10-year warranty on all custom sofas and custom occasional chairs. A free warranty offering you security on your investment into some of the best custom-made sofas in the market.

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