Essentials for Moving into a New Home

18 months ago when I moved out into my first apartment, there was a level of excitement I could not contain. I would finally be adulting and living for myself. It was at this point where I realised, I needed furniture. Solid and beautiful furniture. I don’t mean flatpack pieces that would take me hours on end to build which would ultimately lead to me damaging the piece whilst screwing it together. But furniture that I could engage with aesthetically when I got home from work. Furniture that provided me with stable comfort and elegance and a place that I could be proud to call my home. The struggle soon became what to buy first!

Get a Bookcase

A feature that is often forgotten, but can create clever storage and can stand as its own feature. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably managed to acquire knick knacks galore from years of unwanted presents from that Aunty you never speak to. A stunning bookcase is a way to hide clutter or highlight the pieces you want. Bookcases are in no way just for books! Consider the Ethnicraft Oak M Rack! A statement piece like this bookshelf, open and unique, you’ll have no problem creating a feature with all your bottles of whisky or photo frames of loved ones – and … well, books too.

You need a nice rug

Whether renting or buying your first home – a rug is always necessary. Whether it’s to protect your Landlords floorboards or create a designer touch to your home, a durable and stunning rug will change the way an entire room looks as well as giving you protective piece of mind.

What’s even better is a rug that is unique, socially responsible, fair trade and handcrafted from clever artisans in India – Yes it exists, an Armadillo & Co Rug is everything you could imagine and more. Each rug is unique and handwoven giving it a strong lifeline and durability – That’s right these rugs last! My personal favourite? The Sierra Weave for sure!

A dining table is essential

You’re an adult now. This means you don’t have to eat off your lap on the couch anymore! Time to invest in a beautiful and solid dining table. There are so many options! Round or rectangle? Timber or glass? Of course, at the end of the day, it will depend on how much space you physically have but in reality, the investment you make in a dining table is worth it! On functionality alone all your entertainment dreams will be realised, no longer will you be leaving dinner plates all over your coffee table! You don’t have to be clever with a dining table, a simple American oak table like the Jimi Dining Table is the perfect upgrade, modern and elegant.

The possibilities are endless when you’re moving into your brand-new place!

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