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Golden Rules when it comes to Picking a Dining Table

Golden Rules when it comes to Picking a Dining Table

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Dining Tables. We all have one. But we don’t all love what we have. We’ve compiled our strategy to work out how to pick the best dining table for your needs! Whether the dining table of your dreams is a teak dining table, round dining table, expendable dining table, oak dining table, or small dining table! You’ll need to follow these few golden rules so you don’t regret your decision, bear in mind, a good dining table should last you 5 – 10 years; this leads us to our first golden rule …

KISS – Keep it Simple Silly!

Choose trends and fashion for almost everything else but keep your dining table simple! A timeless dining table will always look modern and fresh when paired with the right dining chairs, creating the perfect dining room look. Take our advice and shop for sturdiness, reliability and functionality. Check the height of the table. Will it be comfortable to sit at for longer periods of time? How will it feel to share a meal at this dining table? This leads us to our next golden rule …

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Understand the size of your dining room and the maximum capacity for a dining table! Remember, that your dining table will need space around it for dining chairs, a rug and walkways too. But even before that, be sure that whichever dining table style you’re searching for, you can fit it through the front door without damaging it! No amount of pivoting will save your dining table if you purchase a table which is too big! Our key recommendation is to consider bringing your measuring tape and having your home dimensions all set-out and organised before you step into any store!


The number of seats?

This one should be notably obvious, but how many people do you want to seat at your dining table? Do people usually visit unannounced, if so an expendable dining table would be best to allow for those extra guests, do you have a round room in need of a matching round dining table? Or are you after something a little more generic like a rectangle dining table or an oval dining table giving your more practical surface area? The shape you decide upon and the number of seats will ultimately come down to the actual space of the room. However, having a clearer direction will help when you start to search through the plethora of dining tables on the market.

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But really, how many chairs can you fit?

One of the most overlooked considerations is how many chairs will actually fit under a dining table. This is because there are a number of different dining room leg types which alter the way seats will fit under the dining room furniture. You should consider whether you are after a standard four-legged table, a pedestal dining table or a trestle table when devising how many seats you want to provide for in your dining room.


Choose the right material for your home

Remember when we said to keep it simple? This is where that comes into consideration. Choosing the material of your table can be hard when you need to balance a dining tables life span, care needs, personal aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you choose a teak wooden table, glass dining table or metal dining table, ensuring it will suit the style of your home and be sturdy and durable enough for your needs is the key consideration.

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