Hides and leather

Hides and Leathers

Give a room a hiding

There is a common misconception that animal hides and leathers should only be displayed in Winter, but these materials can set the tone of a room all year round and make a space much homier.

Fresh in, Easterly currently have a range of furs and leathers including deer (all the way from Denmark) with gorgeous brown, grey and white tones, allowing it to seamlessly blend with most colour schemes.

How can you display your gorgeous animal hide?

There are many ways to display animal hides, depending on the material, thickness, size and shape.

A go to is as a ground cover, either on open floorboards or underneath lounge or dining suites but always ensure to give it enough exposure to be glorified.

You can also use animal hide as a throw, draped over a chair, couch or ottoman. A recent trend is to drape a furry hide over the end of your bed. If you have a single tone bed spread, you can use the hide on its elegant lonesome or with a throw blanket underneath for more depth. This gives you room to add a pop of colour in the form of throw cushions or coloured exposed bed linen if you choose.

If you need to fill an empty corner or you have a wide hallway which needs a bit of a classy addition, you can drape leathers and hides over side boards with simple decoration atop.

Some great styling tips include;

  • A collage of candles in assorted sizes on a platter (as pictured)
  • White porcelain cup and saucer
  • Assorted picture frames in two separate tones and an optional extra colour to make particular photos a central focus

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