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Sometimes something as simple and beautiful as a rug can transform a room to something of luxury and awe. A centre piece, like an Armadillo Rug can create a simple and elegant finish and contrast to any interior design.

Environmentally Responsible
The founders of Armadillo & co Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst chose to be as responsible as feasible. What does this mean? All rugs created under this brand are 100% handmade through the entire creation process. Every Single rug is spun, dyed, and weaved and finished using fair trading techniques.

Every rug is natural, beautiful and sustainable. The founders strive to reuse, reduce and recycle all materials used to create any of the Armadillo range. The Indoor Outdoor rug collection, made from polyester is derived from recycled plastic bottles, whilst others are simply sourced sensibly. The rug industry can have a huge negative environmental impact, particularly on the communities creating these pieces. This is why Jodie and Sally have chosen to create rugs which are carefully sourced and environmentally responsible.

Socially Responsible
Whenever you purchase an Armadillo Rug, without realising it, you will be helping to give back to communities and Weavers Villages India. Armadillo & Co endeavour to support local schools in underprivileged communities for this simple point. Children should be in school and not manufacturing products. You can rest assured that no children in anyway are employed in the making of any Armadillo Rug. Every rug purchase goes towards to employment, educational support and building brighter futures and industry’s in disadvantaged communities.

Armadillo & Co Floor Rugs

A Final Note
This means that you can even feel better about having one of these stunning pieces in any room of your house. Here at Easterly, we truly believe that the Armadillo Rugs are some of the best in Australia. You can shop the range here.

Armadillo & Co Floor Rugs

*Easterly does not own the above images of any Armadillo & Co Rug

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