How to Cosy up your Bedroom Space

Summer is almost over and it’s time to consider cosying up your bedroom in time for Autumn and Winter, read on to find our key bedroom hacks!

The bed

The main reason why anyone has a bedroom in the first place is of course for the bed. When it comes to bed frames and bed heads you will want to find one which will last you a few years. Look for solid construction and clean upholstery. We suggest keeping the bed to neutral tones, oak and teak for wooden frames or neutral greys and whites for upholstery. This way you will be able to change up your bedroom whenever you please at a low cost with brand new accessories and linen.

Easterly stocks a luxurious range of Aura home linen, inspired by earthy tones and pastels in natural fabrics. You’ll find linen the best way to introduce colour and pattern into your bedroom! Alongside this, knitted rugs and throw blankets add the perfect warmth factor for those chilly nights on the rise or to snuggle up to with a great book on an early Sunday morning.

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The floor

Tie your bedroom together with a cosy floor. Use rugs for added texture and warmth. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting out of bed and feeling the cold harsh floor beneath your feet. Choose to oversize your rug and have it expand beyond the sides and length of your bed or opt for two hallway styles rugs to place either side of the centrepiece bed.

To cosy up that bedroom even more, consider additional bedroom features like ottomans or occasional chairs. These small tranquil pieces can help establish the calming environment you want to create in your room and provide alternative areas of rest.

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Play with colour in the accessories

The great thing about establishing central pieces of bedroom furniture is that you can change your room up every season if you want to! Play with dusty pink and rose gold or go pastel with mints and blues against oak. Create a natural and relaxing hue, the freedom is yours to establish whichever environment you crave. Cushions are a great way to establish bursts of colour and comfort. Different types of prints or hanging art can carry on the theme you’re trying to create in your home and live plants or fresh greenery can help to bring life

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