How to create the seaside Christmas look

If there’s one thing Aussies love, it’s a Coastal beach themed Christmas. It’s something the Geelong region, waterfront and surf coast highway does well. But how can you create the perfect seaside Christmas look?


Natural Elements

To create the perfect seaside theme, elements of driftwood or natural teak or even bamboo will help bring the outdoors inside. We’re not suggesting you drive over to Easterly immediately and purchase one of our stunning Driftwood Horse sculptures, but we do have smaller driftwood sculptures, art and homewares which will add that natural element your’re after – whether you set asides a small driftwood rabbit or carved teak buffalo, or just place rough pieces of driftwood on your dining setting as a centre piece – this stunning feature will stand out.

Side note! Don’t forget Christmas colours – matelic reds and deep greens – small bursts of colour from baubles or tinsel will make your driftwood certainly more festive

Natural Driftwood and Teak Sculptures

Hanging art/ framed art

Beach and coastal themed stunning pieces will help your Christmas look stand out. Beautiful Summer Breezes Framed print, or Gold foil shell framed art will bring your theme to life and will play on your white on white décor and natural driftwood touches.

Framed Art and Hanging Wall Art

Don’t be over the top

The trick with coastal décor is simplicity – this doesn’t mean you find every homewares accessory with an anchor or fish printed on it but rather you place emphasis on one or two stunning pieces – for instance a Palawan Mirror or a beautiful wall clock like the Bondi wall clock will stand out on their own – the last thing you want to do is detract from their simplicity.

Australian Homwares and Decor

Set the festive tone

Don’t be rid of all traditional Christmas décor, a Christmas tree is essential and don’t forget gifts under it either (maybe an Easterly gift card voucher?). There are so many ways to intertwine the joy of Christmas and the love of interior design and homewares, especially at Easterly.



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