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How to Elevate your Hallway | Decorating tips for Summer

How to Elevate your Hallway | Decorating tips for Summer

Easterly Living: Geelong Furniture Store

Hallways are often the very first impression that a guest has of your home, more likely than not, they’re forgotten about or changed infrequently. It’s obvious that hallways are weighted against functionality and not particularly a place which you want to stop and enjoy your surroundings. However, if you’re one of those people that thinks that hallways are dead space, you’d be dead wrong. You’re missing out on some of the best décor options. Our three tips; Rugs, desks and lighting!

We’re bringing back the long hallway runner! Why? It’s easy to make an impression with a chic hallway runner, and they’re easy to replace should you get sick of the colour or style! Easterly has a wide range of stunning hallway runners by Armadillo & Co; ethical and sustainable hand-woven rugs. When you went to change up your hallway space, you just have to purchase a new hallway runner instead of initiating a painter or curator.

Easterly Living: Geelong Furniture Store

Make a statement with your hallway furniture. Desks and tables are a few ways to create surface and plays on height in your hallway. Whether you use a small side table to highlight your family Christmas photo or to introduce an element of greenery, hallway furniture is inviting and can help to set the tone of your house.

Set the mood with the right lighting in your hallway. We’re not all blessed with a naturally well-lit hallway space. However, the flickering of a candle or the perfect pendant light can help complete your space and finalise your décor venture.

From drab to exciting, you’ll set the right first impression the next time your guests come over for a dinner party with our hallway decorating tips!

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