Malibu Teak Coffee and Side Table

There has been a huge shift in recent years within the retail furniture sector, whereby customers are looking to move away from ‘fast’ furniture and instead embrace sustainable furniture made from eco-conscious materials that are ethically sourced. 

Sustainable furniture

We have been living in a world that is partial to anything ‘fast’ – whether that be food, one day shipping, delivery windows and now furniture. As a result, trends in furniture waste have increased almost five-fold since the 60’s, and unfortunately this can be directly linked to the growth in fast furniture.

Fast furniture is defined as items that are based on latest trends, made as cheaply as possible and ideally flat packed and are only expected to last a few years.

Low waste

Easterly Living has been sourcing unique and sustainable low-waste production furniture for many years. As a result, Easterly Living has become a favourite with customers both on their online store and retail store for sourcing unique, ethically crafted furniture items.

A recent addition to the fold is the Malibu coffee and Malibu side tables. Evocative of pre covid travels abroad to exotic locations, the Malibu series of tables are made of beautiful, reclaimed teak which provides an earthy and natural tone to your living space. The simple design is organic and is both functional and artistic and will certainly be a talking piece when you have visitors in the home.


Recycled Teak

Sourced from a specialist furniture maker, each piece has subtle variances, both in the woodgrain and the timber tones. The Malibu coffee table and its side table option are perfect examples of furniture that offer traditional craftmanship with low waste techniques, with eco-conscious materials. You will not need to replace these tables any time soon and they will become a well-loved piece in your home for many years to come. Unlike fast furniture, they will age well and will become an investment piece rather than one to replace in a mere few years.

To find out more about the Malibu coffee and side table, check out the products on our site here at Easterly Living, or if you are close by, head to our show room at 2 Winki Way, Torquay and see them on the shop floor.


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