New Latitude collection

 Latitude collection

Brand new to Armadillo&Co, the Latitude Collection now comprises a variety of Berber Knot weaves culminating in luxurious textures and captivating designs.  Whilst the feel of the rugs is wool, this is combined with a cotton in the backing of all rugs in this collection with the exception of the Zulu (which is 100% wool).   As winter is upon us, there is no rug more luxurious and softer to add warmth to your home than this collection….bring it on!  All rugs are available in 3 standard sizes; 1.7x2.4m, 2x3m, 2.5x3.5m and custom made upon request.


The Fez is available in a natural shade with its design almost indicative of a honeycomb shape.  Soft to the touch, your only decision lies in the pattern you would prefer…..


The Atlas is availabe in 2 shades;  natural or limestone.  The design of the pattern in this rug would make it well suited to large areas or where the perception of a larger space is required.


The Tangier is available in the limestone shade.  The design in this rug would make it best suited to large areas to enable the rug to be appreciated.


For added luxury and softness the Savannah is a great rug available in natural.  The undulating weave enhances its texture and appeal.


The epitome of softness, the Zulu is a pure wool rug (including it’s tassles at the ends).  The natural and shale shade of this rug ensures it’s well suited to many interiors.  It’s an exciting rug with its incredible texture and beautiful weave……it simply invites you to sit down on the floor and get comfortable.


In natural and slate the Gazelle captures another beautiful design providing a thick cosy feel underfoot.  The rug you get when you wanted an amazing carpet in just a section of a room!

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