Our Best Tips to Decorate Small Spaces

We’ve all been there, small lounge and living spaces that make us wonder how we’re ever going to restyle the room. Whether the dining space and lounge are joined in an open living plan, or you’re looking to redecorate the bedroom, here are our best tips to decorate a small room or space!

Be Big and Minimal

Use bigger furniture pieces to divide the room. Smaller pieces will give the impression that the room has been telescoped. You can trick your room into feeling bigger with a sofa or dining table to anchor the room. Choosing a few big pieces also means you have more room to experiment with the centre of the room rather than playing off the wall space and leaving dead space in the centre. This is especially useful in smaller open living plans to divide dining and relaxing areas.

An excellent way to create a divide in the room is with a rug, a large rug will further establish the division in your room. Easterly has a massive range of rugs from Armadillo & Co, Bayliss and The Rug Collection!

Less is More

Now that you’ve got your bigger pieces, this doesn’t mean you can fill up your space with clutter. Keep excess furniture to a minimal. A side table or two, but don’t blur the lines between decorative needs and excess pieces. Sometimes, it can be easy to be distracted by catalogues with the latest homeware’s obsession and trends. Take a step back and consider clean lines and minimalistic design to keep your space looking like a dream.

Light it up

There might not be much room on the floor, but walls provide you with blank canvases which can increase your room size exponentially. Our number one tip involves light and mirrors. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light in a room. The addition of reflections can make a room feel brighter and spacious. This is particularly useful for smaller spaces!

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