Sofas and Daybeds

Sofa/Day Beds

“Draw me like one of your French girls”

Day beds serve a myriad of purposes and yes, most involve sitting on them doing not much… but that’s the point.

10 things you can do with a day bed: Sleep, read a book (or ebook, or listen to an audio book), watch a movie, have a friend take a photo of you in your daybed and post with the caption “Draw me like one of your French girls”, cuddle your partner, cuddle your pet (if you don’t have a partner), cuddle a throw pillow (if you don’t have a pet), sunbake (wearing sunscreen of course), constantly redecorate with countless throw pillows. Mmm that makes 9 - I’m sure I could find another if I used my imagination…

Not only are they an excuse to sleep at any hour of any day, but having an outdoor sofa gives you another bedroom or living room in the house, just without walls.

Perfect for beside a pool, under an outdoor hut or on any deck, day beds are comfortable and relaxing.

If your outdoor space is looking a little drab, outdated or simply a little boring, a day bed is the perfect way to spice up an outdoor area and make your whole home look more livable and inviting.

Pastel colours are very stylish right now, with baby mangos, aquas and yellows complementing the textured naturality of teak and reclaimed boatwood. These supreme quality materials are sturdy (unfortunately this means the kids can use it too…) and resistant to rotting.

Now is the time to start planning your Summer days off. Spoil yourself by doing not much in a day bed.

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