Teak Furniture

Why should I give a teak?

Teak is a type of tropical hardwood which comes from many Asian countries. 50% of the worlds’ naturally occurring teak is actually cultivated in Myanmar (hence teaks affectionate nickname “Burmese teak”), South East Asia, however it is grown in many Asian and African countries now.

In its natural (still attached to the ground) state, teak has small, fragrant white flowers and papery leaves that are often hairy on the lower surface and can reach 40 metres in height!

Teak has recently become a very popular choice amongst those choosing wooden furniture for their homes.

At Easterly, teak is showcased in many forms, including stained to various degrees, sanded or raw and aged. Teak dining tables are exceptionally popular due to their durability, unique appearance and hardiness… not to mention the absolute stunning naturality of a wooden dining table.

Teak has a very high density, meaning it is a hardy/sturdy material and coupled with the natural oils within teak, makes it termite resistant – bonus! On top of this (I know, there are just so many teaking benefits) teak is weather resistant, perfect for outdoor placement.  The porous nature of teak is also attractive – it has a lot of character and emotion about it.

When cultivated, teak has a leathery smell – another reason for its prestigious nature in the world of wood.

Teak furniture is a fantastic option to consider when dressing a room.

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