The Ultimate Christmas Guide to Gifts for her at Easterly

Christmas Guide: Gifts for Her

Are you looking for the ultimate gift guide for the family! Welcome to our Christmas blog series where we’re going to explore Easterly’s stunning range of homewares and furniture to bring you the ultimate family Christmas! Looking for something unconventional and unique? You’ve found the perfect place! Easterly, just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD specialises in unique and eco-friendly homewares making us your one stop to furniture stores in Geelong as well as the perfect place to find our hidden range of gifts and services!

After spending endless hours dragging my boyfriend to all the homewares stores in Geelong, I can testify that all I want for Christmas is homewares! Stylish and beautiful features in a home that add the finer touches in a room! Whether it’s a beautiful Ethnicraft Oak light frame mirror or a Ethnicraft Teak light frame mirror – these make the perfect gift for her. Homewares doesn’t stop there (although I’m sure my boyfriend wished it did). There’s more to walls than just mirrors – why not think wall clock! The Ferris Metal Wall Clock (reminding me particularly of the Giant Sky Wheel on the Geelong Waterfront) features everyone’s favourite copper rose colour in a ferris-wheel design – this one is definitely a crowd pleaser!

Christmas Guide: Homewares in Australia

Not only do Armadillo & Co create stunning rugs but they also have a range of table décor and table toppers which will highlight your dining table and create the perfect family meal. After all, Christmas is about bringing the family together – and nothing does that better than food – that’s why the Armadillo & Co Zinnia weave and Willow weave placemats and table runner make the perfect gifts for her at Christmas time!

Christmas Guide: Armadillo & Co Table Placemats and Table Runners

Stunning gold foil framed art and frame wall art will create the perfect gift for her. After all, who doesn’t love gold at Christmas time. Easterly stocks unique gold foil framed art – featuring coastal imagery as well as symbolic shapes and animals.

Christmas Guide: Homewares in Australia - Framed Art

You can always view our full range on our website or visit our showroom down in Torquay (near Bunnings) – just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD. Contact us Here.

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