The Ultimate Christmas Guide to Gifts for him at Easterly

Are you looking for the ultimate gift guide for the family! Welcome to our Christmas blog series where we’re going to explore Easterly’s stunning range of homewares and furniture to bring you the ultimate family Christmas! Looking for something unconventional and unique? You’ve found the perfect place! Easterly, just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD specialises in unique and eco-friendly homewares making us your one stop to furniture stores in Geelong as well as the perfect place to find our hidden range of gifts and services!

Christmas Guide: Gifts for him at Easterly

After something unique and useful for him for Christmas? Why not try one of our handmade vehicle eskys / coolers! Whether he prefers Combi Vans, Boats, Retro Caravans or Utes – there’s an esky to suit the fussiest man in your family! Some are even available in multiple colours! These vehicle eskys are fully insulated and made from 44 gallon drums! How cool is that?!

Christmas Guide: Gifts for him at Easterly - Vehicle Esky

Are you trying to find something super masculine that he can boast about to his mates? Something a little out there and different? We have the perfect gift for his man cave. Our range of ornaments and sculptures will be bold and create talking points with all his mates. Particularly the Water Buffalo Ornament. This awesome piece will shine in any man cave!

Christmas Guide: Gifts for him at Easterly - Ornaments and Sculptures

And what will match our range of ornaments and sculptures? How about a Hide and Leather rug  to make the ultimate statement in any mancave! Cowhides, reindeer hides and leathers are always unique – no two can ever be the same! Soft, natural and beautiful! Hides and leathers come in a variety of natural colours – black & white hides, caramel and white hides and even just pitch black hides – perfectly suited to any mancave!

Christmas Guide: Gifts for him at Easterly - Hides and Leather

You can always view our full range on our website or visit our showroom down in Torquay (near Bunnings) – just 25 minutes from the Geelong CBD. Contact us Here.

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