Top Three Underrated Australian Homewares

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When you are moving into a new home or redecorating you always focus on the big things! Buy a new bed or sofa and lounge suite. Little splashes of colour and homewares are forgotten about and soon enough, you’ve been living in the same undecorated home for four months. Sure, you’ve pulled out some cushions and throw rugs for your sofa but as far as actually styling accent pieces – none. So here is our top list of underrated homewares in Australia. This is your reminder to purchase homewares online and in store if you live around the Geelong and Torquay area!

Hang stunning wall art
Art is a forgotten homewares item simply because of the work involved in hanging framed art. Choosing a stable place to hang a canvas and ensuring the correct strong or wire is being used so your framed artwork doesn’t fall! However, art adds atmosphere and culture to your room! Whether you choose framed art, a canvas or etching you can truly pick up something that will inspire you and fit your style and resonate with you. Hanging art is also a way to liven up your homewares and décor by adding a dash of colour and texture to your living or dining space.

Homewares Online in Australia: Artwork, Canvas and etchings

Simple things
Homewares in Australia doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes something as simple as a burning candle in a home can create all the ambiance and atmosphere you need. Australian Homewares like candles not only serve a home décor purpose but double up as a means of relaxation. You’ll be able to throw away the stress from work and relax. The warm flicker and homely feel will add a softness to your home as well as a gorgeous scent – simple Australian Homewares are certainly the way to go.

Homewares Online in Australia: Glass Candles and Local Candles

With smaller houses or units being a priority for buyers and renters, the best Australian homewares decision you can make is to invest in a beautiful and breath taking mirror. Mirrors will reflect light and open a room, generally they will enhance and décor or homewares you may already have. Not only are they an interesting focal point, mirrors are the perfect homewares addition to make small spaces bigger – renters in Geelong, I’m talking to you!

Homewares Online in Australia: Mirrors – Unique homewares Australia

Shop Online?
If you’re after homewares in Australia and specifically homewares online in Australia then Easterly has everything could imagine. Our unique and coastal themed homewares makes us one of the Geelong regions favourite homewares stores offering both eco homewares and luxury homewares Australia wide.


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