Framed Art Guide and Guidelines

Framed Art Guide and Guidelines


Framed art and framed wall art is often an afterthought for most home buyers, the focus is normally bigger pieces of furniture or ensuring everything is up to scratch with the property. You might not realise you are actually missing out on one of the best interior design opportunities by leaving your framed art and framed wall art as the last thing on your agenda. There are so many benefits to framed art and framed wall art!

  • COLOUR! Normally you prioritise paint and then art, believe me there is a better technique! With the confusion of colours and textures – all variations of paint start to look the same. By picking framed art and framed wall art first – BAM – instant colour palette for you to work off in designing your perfect interior.
  • THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE ROOM! Framed art and framed wall art creates your main focal point or highlight in your room! A talking point or something stunning to enjoy when you relax after work. It’s about atmosphere and ambiance.
  • FINISHES AND TEXTURE! Having a piece of framed art and framed wall art hanging above a beautiful mantel or fireplace or as a feature in a dining room completes the room. By integrating a piece of art into your living space that extra touch adds style instead of a room serving nothing more than a functional purpose.
  • IT WILL RESONATE WITH YOU! It’s your chance to truly pick a piece which will carry your style into your home or just into that particular room! There’s no reason why ANYONE should go without framed art and framed wall art in their home.



Framed art and framed wall art can be tricky! There is so much conflicting information about how to best to hang your framed art and framed wall art or where to hang it in a room! Here is our Guide!

General Tips

  • A fireplace is already a focal point – use this to your advantage by picking framed art the same width as the opening!
  • Lay everything out before you nail into walls – lay your framed art out on a bench or a table so you can get the arrangement you like
  • Choose smaller framed art pieces for narrow walls and larger framed art pieces for big walls.


Hanging framed art and framed wall art above a piece of furniture

Be sure to leave approximately 6 - 8 inches of space between the top of your furniture and the bottom of the framed art

Framed Art picture 1



Hanging Framed art and framed wall art above a sofa

Hanging framed art or a canvas above a sofa is all about proportion and even spaces. Your framed artwork should not expand more than 75% of the width of your gorgeous sofa! Bare in mind the 6-8 inches gap above the sofa!


Framed Art picture 2
Framed Art picture 3


Above a fireplace or mantel place

There are two options when hanging wall art above a fireplace or mantel – line it up with the edge of the fireplace or the length of the opening cut out


Framed Art picture 4
Framed Art picture 5


Dealing with two or three pieces

Allow roughly two or so inches between your beautiful hanging art


Framed Art picture 6



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