Questions to Ask Yourself Over a Coffee … Table

For such an important anchor point in your living room, coffee tables can more often than not feel like a forgotten piece of furniture. Maybe you’re using a coffee table you purchased 10 – 15 years ago or you’ve repurposed an old piece, perhaps you’re like me, using a coffee table that your parents first purchased for their home so many years ago. It may be time to consider an update for these very important reasons. Want to know how to pick the best coffee table to suit your needs? Well, read on.

Do you actually drink coffee?

How much use do you intend that your coffee table gets? Is it a decorative coffee table or side table used purely as a space filler? Will it be a coffee table always in use; storage over décor? Once you know the purpose of your coffee table, you can begin to think about its durability and material. Delicate surfaces from a glass coffee table will undoubtedly be scratched from constant use and will require constant attention with fingerprints. However, as a decorative side table holding décor books, plants, candles and home accessories, it very well may be the perfect addition to the room. Consider a studier coffee table constructed from teak or wood to withstand the constant use of coffee chit chats.

Espresso Cup or Mug: Shape is a deal breaker

Now, the shape of your coffee table maybe anchored around the type of sofa you have, or you may be using your new-found coffee table as an incredible centrepiece in the room. Regardless, the shape and size of your coffee table or side table is vital to the finished look of the room. You may find that a rectangular or oval table may work best for smaller rooms to allow for extra functionality or walking space. For larger seating areas containing modular sofas or occasional chairs, a larger table for everyone to reach may be more efficient, in this instance, you’d want to pick a square or circle coffee table to balance the size in the room. Design tip, when you purchase your coffee table consider its height, your coffee table should be lower or at the height of your sofa or chairs!

A place to store cups and saucers: Storage and Functionality

In smaller spaces, storage in a coffee table might be your main goal. Coffee tables with additional shelves, drawers, and partitions for books, remotes, and all your coffee table necessities might be the way to go. However, if you want to avoid clutter, ottomans are a great way to gain that extra storage you would have received from an ottoman, whilst also providing a way to clear away any décor or belongings you don’t want on display!

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